Voice Search comes to FuelPrice Australia

You can now do fuel price searches using the microphone on your computer or Android/iOS mobile phone.

We’ll be improving the automatic redirection with time, currently the following search terms are supported:

  • City names (e.g. Brisbane, Cairns, Newcastle)
  • Station names (e.g. Puma Gladstone Depot)
  • Suburb names (e.g. Mooloolaba, Fairfield)
  • Postcodes (e.g. 4558, 4103)
  • States (e.g. Queensland, New South Wales, QLD, NSW)
  • Fuel types (e.g. 91, 98, e10, LPG)
  • Brands (e.g. Puma, FuelXpress)

For Desktop/laptop site visitors: Just click the microphone icon within the sidebar search widget and after allowing permission to use the microphone start speaking.

For mobile phone users (Android/iOS): Click the hamburger pull-down menu from the top-left corner of the screen then click the microphone icon. After allowing permission to use the microphone start speaking.

Gallery for mobile site visitors

(The microphone uses the techonology on your computer/mobile phone to convert speech to text and is only active for the moments after clicking the microphone icon with the connection terminating after each search)

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We’re a Queensland Government fuel price reporting trial data publisher

We’re now listed on QLD’s DNRME website informing Queensland motorists of hourly changes to local fuel prices. Go team! 🙂

There’s still a laundry list of things to do.

VIC, SA, TAS or the ACT site visitors: Reach out to your State Government representatives and urge them to deliver real-time pricing data in your State. Without official data sources you’re in the dark.

For everyone else: We need feedback. If a fuel station in QLD, NSW, WA or NT is missing or not working let us know by hitting the green and red buttons throughout this site so we can address it.

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Changes for 16/01

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.


  • Notice for VIC Suburbs where real-time data is not available
  • Suburbs now visible in Search
  • Styling for Suburb template
  • Suburb details template to WP Admin
  • Filter Suburbs by Postcode and locality
  • jQuery to show/hide Suburb letter groupings
  • Cheapest and most expensive stations to Suburb template
  • Log in/My Account widget above Search bar
  • My Account page
  • Refresh list of nearby stations for Suburbs weekly
  • Created WP-CLI commands for Suburbs
  • Search template for Suburb that includes Postcode and State
  • Privacy Policy to footer
  • WP-CLI commands for City price bands
  • Price band colour schemee to City template
  • Price legend under the Map on the City template
  • Radius detail to the City template when listing number of stations shown
  • Notice to Suburb template where no nearby stations are found
  • WP-CLI command to refresh Suburb last modified date
  • Suburbs summary template
  • Missing dot-green to yellow-red price template
  • Refresh site bands to Suburb actions
  • Australian map with clickable regions to Suburbs summary template
  • Notice to see hourly price heat mapping for towns/cities on City template
  • Notice to limited/not working fuel types (e.g. LPG, EV, CNG, B20, etc.) on
  • Separated City fuel type template
  • KML file with Australian states and their boundaries
  • Dismiss notice button styling for logged-in users
  • Fixed sidebar search button on resolutions between 955px and 1100px
  • Created separate files for each Page and Shortcode template
  • Removed Related Posts showing across the site
  • WP-CLI debugging for City and State jobs
  • WA stations not showing tomorrow price after 5pm
  • Map with State hover not working on Suburbs template
  • Size of site logo on resolutions lower than 955px and between 955px and 1255px
  • Google site search for searches with no results
  • Fixed duplicate notice showing on Cities without stations
  • Fixed API page not showing
  • Developer mode notice when site maintenance is happening
  • “Mark as favourite” button for Cities, Suburbs and Stations (supports mobile too)
  • Developer mode notice styling
  • Feature image to About page
  • Favourite Cites/Suburbs and Stations to the My Account template
  • Login form to the My Account template
  • Real-time data request notice to VIC, SA, TAS and ACT State, City and Suburb templates
  • Favourite buttons to hamburger menu for logged-in users
  • 100% Made in Australia to Footer (logo license costs $330 per year)
  • Custom Google Search for empty search results
  • User meta manager to Edit User screen within Admin
  • Progress bar to site search
  • Voice search to site search for logged-in users
  • Dashicons styling to My Account and log in sidebar links
  • Banner image to About page
  • Task legend to My Account page and Announcements template
  • Link to summary City page at bottom of detailed City fuel type template (e.g. Townsville > Diesel)
  • Message to login/register screens
  • City template displaying Postcode and State within Search Results
  • Maintenance notice to Sign up for updates template
  • Admin view of all Suburbs without Lat/Long data
  • Tomorrow price to WA Cities template from 5:30pm AEST
  • Redirect from WP Admin to My Account template for logged-in users
  • Actions to reset City, Surburb and Station counts
  • Action to set Lat/Long for missing Suburbs
  • Support for filtering Suburbs by State and missing Lat/Long
  • History count of corrupt QLD stations
  • Admin view of Suburbs without Lat/Long
  • IDDQD/God mode voice command support for Admins
  • Star Dashicon to Cities widget for logged-in users and their favourite Cities
  • Lat/Long columns to Admin view of Stations
  • Lat/Long to missing Suburbs
  • Ultimate Member integration
  • WP-CLI commands for refreshing state averages and missing Lat/Long for Suburbs
  • Notice to Suburbs to see heat map pricing
  • Notice to City and Suburb templates regarding missing fuel stations


  • Width of Brand favicons on City and Suburb templates for mobile users
  • Turned off Lazyload as it breaks Maps for guest visitors
  • Use Transient first for cheapest/highest Stations on City template
  • Issue limiting hourly nearby sites refresh to single fuel type for Cities
  • Corrupt fuel price data notice not showing for QLD stations
  • Changed Suburb template to closely match Page template
  • More memory optimisations
  • Changed “Show all stations” link to a button on City and Suburb templates
  • Dismiss notice button for logged-in users
  • City and suburb search not returning first result
  • CSS styling issue between 990 and 1100px
  • Yesterday prices displaying in WA Stations when today’s price is available (before 10:30am AEST update)
  • Historical state average not updating
  • Heat map pricing for Suburbs not working
  • Misspelled Transient in Admin view


  • Moved Station, State and Suburb actions to separate files
  • Removed Standard prefix from ULP 91 Page title
  • Moved pre-search results to separate file
  • Increased search weighing for Suburbs in search results
  • Removed _job suffix from WP-CLI monitoring Transients
  • Remove city excerpt from Search Results template
  • Moved Cities widget styling to Plugin CSS
  • Moved generic actions to separate files
  • Moved admin functionality into separate files

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ACT State Government resisting calls for fuel price monitoring

The ACT government is resisting calls to introduce a scheme that provides regular information on the movement of petrol prices, instead encouraging motorists to use independent websites that track prices.

Govt encourages drivers to use independent sites for petrol price info – Canberra Times

All Australian retail fuel monitoring Apps/websites (including us) rely on correct known prices to accurately inform motorists, without an official data source maintained by the ACT State Government we cannot guarantee the quality of displayed prices.

If you’re from the ACT reach out to your State Government representatives and urge them to join the party.

State’s with official data sources

  • [x] New South Wales
  • [  ] Victoria
  • [x] Queensland
  • [x] Western Australia
  • [  ] South Australia
  • [  ] Tasmania
  • [  ] Australian Capital Territory
  • [x] Northern Territory

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See tomorrow prices for WA Cities and Stations from 5:30pm AEST

WA motorists can now view the average daily fuel price for the following day after 5:30pm AEST, this is in addition to seeing individual fuel station’s tomorrow pricing.

Open up a WA City (e.g. Perth) after 5:30pm AEST for insights into tomorrow’s fuel pricing across Western Australia.


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Letters to the editor from December

At the start of each month we will be responding to positive and feedback collected from the past month. We rely on this feedback to better this site so please hit the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page where you think we can do better.

Here’s some of the feedback received in December.

You could make sure your information is accurate and that the people giving it to you are telling the truth. The information about Stawell Ararat and Horsham in Vic is wildly inaccurate. Ararat in particular is currently $1-59 and has been for some time. Stawell is $1-47 at the Shell and $1-50 at BP. I’m told by the Shell that Horsham are also $1-56, not the $1-47 you claim. […] I am getting so angry at current prices out here in western Vic that I am asking newspapers to investigate it. Your claimed prices for Ararat are 19 cents a litre less than actual prices which have been steady for a while now. The prices I have just quoted you are based on what I have just witnessed this morning and yesterday morning. Today is 29/1/2018.

There is no official daily or real-time retail fuel data source in Victoria which means we are using other public non-official sources which as you’ve guessed it aren’t always accurate. We are always on the eye out for better sources and will be reaching out to data providers to improve this.

Please see the links on the About page for how to contact your State Government, urge them to introduce a public fuel reporting system like other States including WA, NT, NSW and as of this year QLD.

“Last updated: 1 week ago” Information is not current.

This has been resolved in a recent site update, we show “Today’s pricing at …” if the latest prices are from the current day, if we do not have today’s prices or they are unavailable we display “Yesterday’s pricing at …” and outside that period then do not display the current pricing.

Good stop fuel and rest

We’ll be exploring how we can integrate Google Maps Place reviews into our Station template as good fuel stations deserve all the feedback they can get! In the interim click the Station address at the top of the page to open it in Google Maps or do a Google search for that Station and let them know! 🙂

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Embed fuel prices in your WordPress website

Today we are proud to announce the availability of our free WordPress Plugin; FuelPrice Australia for WordPress

With our free WordPress Plugin site owners can embed fuel price Widgets from the FuelPrice Australia into the sidebar of their WordPress website.

Widgets can be assigned using the WordPress Customizer or the default Appearance > Widgets screen from the WordPress Administration.

We will be further developing this free Plugin in the coming weeks to support additional Widget types (e.g. Table Embed, Small Detailed Embed and Map Embed) as well as Suburb support and filtering options before building out Shortcode and Content Block support (new with WordPress 5.0).

It’s early day’s but we’re just happy to have a fuel price Plugin on for Australian WordPress website owners! 🙂

FuelPrice Australia for WordPress


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What’s coming up for January

We’re now monitoring the daily averages of 100 Australian cities, supporting 14,796 suburbs, where possible doing hourly refreshing of prices at 6,467 fuel stations and for WA motorists display tomorrow’s price from 5:30pm.

The stragglers from past months will carry over to this month.

New features

  • [  ] Set the daily average price for towns/cities independantly where local station data is available (e.g. WA, NSW, QLD)
  • [x] Set the tomorrow average price for towns/cities in WA if station pricing data is available
  • [x] Release a free WordPress Plugin to embed local pricing details in WordPress sites using the FuelPrice Australia API
  • [x] Show the average daily fuel price on the State template
  • [  ] Show the average daily fuel price on the Fuel brand template
  • [  ] Finish the Small Detailed Embed and Map Embed Widgets
  • [  ] Add Suburb support to all Widgets
  • [..] Add reporting feature to City and Station templates to raise data issues
  • [  ] Overlay the current average daily price with current per-station prices to see what stations have priced their fuel types above/below regional averages
  • [  ] Add forecasting of tomorrow price and two days from now prices for cities based on known high and low historical prices
  • [  ] Add fuzzy matching for mispelled Suburbs and towns/cities in search
  • [  ] History controls for fuel stations to see last week, last month and all time matching the history controls of fuel types
  • [  ] AMP site support with Google Maps and Charts functionality
  • [..] Build out an API for localised fuel price data
  • [x] Add Progressive Web App support for mobile shortcuts on Android and Apple
  • [  ] Put the website through AppPresser and release to the Google Play and App Store marketplaces
  • [..] Add My Account facilities to manage your vehicle preferences, preferred fuel type and favourite stations and/or regions
  • [x] Voice search
  • [  ] Add site facilites to fuel stations from official sources (e.g. AdBlue availability, etc.)
  • [  ] Add fuel excerpt for Diesel and Premium Diesel fuel types using long-term pricing data (Diesel and Premium Diesel do not have typical weekly/monthly cycles)


  • [  ] Identify and redirect duplicate fuel stations at the same location to the original station that is being maintained
  • [  ] Identify non-crowdfunded data sources for fuel stations in Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT
  • [  ] Improve the fuel price trigger detection linked to the low pricing e-mail notification
  • [..] Populate Google Maps Place ID for thousands of suburbs
  • [..] Populate Google Maps Place ID for thousands of outstanding stations
  • [  ] Validate Station price details by comparing against multiple data sources where possible
  • [  ] Re-introduce road safety messages with new Ad platform showing relevant messages based on known location
  • [x] Better CSS support for 1024×768 Desktop resolutions

Please keep hitting the feedback buttons and leave a comment where you identify problems with pages, feedback is taken seriously and is often actioned on the spot. 🙂

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Changes for 23/12

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.


  • Options Bloat widget to WP Admin
  • Overview of WP-CLI tasks to WP Admin (scheduled time, time taken, last run)
  • WP-CLI event logging
  • Notice about possible inaccurate prices for non-real time states (ACT, SA, TAS)
  • Maps styling to City template with reduced POI priority
  • State dropdown to Brands template
  • Letter styling for Suburbs template
  • Suburbs list separated by letter to Suburbs template
  • Search button to Search widget
  • IDDQD mode for logged-in Administrators
  • Styling of search result Stations
  • State dropdown to Brands template
  • Postcode, State, Lat and Long to Suburb Admin screen
  • State filtering to Suburbs list
  • WP-CLI task to refresh full list of Suburbs
  • Hourly refresh of QLD and NSW prices updates Last updated notice on City pages
  • Sitewide notice system for downtime/maintenance
  • Notice for Diesel/Premiem Diesel fuel types in some regional towns where corrupt data is being processed
  • CSS class to price colours
  • Body class for single State, Fuel type, Brand, Widget templates
  • Button styling
  • Peak fuel price detail in City excerpt
  • Improved styling for Station map markers with long names
  • Notice and amount of time lapsed for outdated Station price feeds
  • Dot styling to Charts fuel pricing
  • Button styling for desktop and mobile
  • Hourly check for broken site prices in QLD and NSW
  • WP-CLI commands for NSW and QLD hourly station price refresh
  • Hourly refresh of station prices in NSW
  • Styling for CNG and EV fuel types
  • Search widget to Sidebar under site logo
  • Automatic redirection from searches for states, state acronyms, city names and fuel types
  • Display of today/yesterday headers for prices from last day
  • Re-added feedback functionality
  • Small widget template
  • Views monitoring for widgets
  • API endpoints for get_cities, get_fuel_types, get_widget_types
  • Fuel Widget generator
  • Default fuel widget template
  • Graph Bar Embed fuel widget template
  • Styling for Fuel Widget generator
  • Report for QLD stations with broken pricing
  • Transient caching for widget templates
  • Notice for QLD stations with broken prices
  • Redirect to CIty on Frontpage where geolocated (first session visit)
  • FuelWatch data supplier notice for WA users
  • Default widget styling
  • %city% and %fuel_type Tags to Widget title and subtitles
  • Widget credits styling
  • Maintenance screen for scheduled downtime
  • Error screen for unscheduled downtime
  • Embeddable widgets section
  • Styling for embeddable widgets
  • Menu and page styling for the e85 fuel type
  • Support for marking parent ServiceStationID’s where duplicate Stations are found
  • Hourly QLD price check to WP-CLI
  • Corrupt QLD price check report (fuel price less than 80c)
    See %City% fuel prices button for mobile users on Frontpage
  • Fallback support for IP-based geolocation where location is not provided
  • Reporting for Brands without Pages
  • Reporting for Sites with broken/incomplete addresses


  • Memory optimisations to reduce RAM footprint
  • Removed large Options from autoload
  • Replaced get_sites() and get_nearby_sites() with leaner solutions
  • Frontmap map not remember differing fuel type selections
  • Stying of Station title on desktop
  • Frontpage not showing different fuel type prices for Capital and Regional cities/towns
    Cheapest Brands not detecting more than a single cheapest Brand
  • Duplicate Suburb detail appearing in Station addresses
    Duplicate State detail appearing in Station addresses
  • Improved loading times by lazy loading Google Fonts
  • Long Station titles spilling outside of container on Station pages
  • Duplicate Suburb appearing in Station address
  • Y-axis labels not being shown on mobile
  • State name not being shown on Brand pages
  • Hiding corrupt station prices from search results
  • Improved title for Brand pages
  • Improved styling for Maps station markers
  • Hourly refresh causing empty day average pricing for stations in QLD
  • Update historical station graph hourly in QLD.
  • Turn off feedback on the Brand pages (conflicting with title styling)
  • Exclude QLD broken sites from station recommendations
  • Charts zoom not working on mobile
  • Excerpt showing 1 day instead of yesterday
  • Incorrect detection of pricing peak in new pricing cycles
  • Refresh Post modified date on City pages daily
  • Refresh Post modified date on City fuel type pages daily


  • Removed excess JS logging
  • Moved inline styling of prices to CSS class
  • Reduced size of header text on single Station and Brand pages
  • Hide heading on mobile for single City and State pages
    Hide unneccessary labels and hints for mobile users
  • Aligned Station/Brand favicon with header title text
  • Changed Frontpage header to H1
  • Increased space between links in link lists
  • Setting the fuel type on the Frontpage affects Widget links
  • Increased font size on Frontpage for detected Map marker

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Changes for 04/12

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.


  • Better detection of the start of peak cycles
  • QLD to the list of states with per-Station pricing
  • QLD stations
  • Styling to the fuel price summary for each City
  • Cheapest/highest styling to the price summary for each City during peak/low pricing events
  • Three days ago price to detailed fuel type information for each City
  • Four days ago price to detailed fuel type information for each City
  • Colour styling to nearby station pricing (red is more expensive, green is cheaper)
  • Price information for most expensive fuel brand on City template
  • Price information for cheapest fuel brand on City template
  • Randomizer to cheapest fuel station with same pricing on City template
  • Historical price information to fuel price summary generation
  • e85, CNG and EV as supported fuel types
  • Fuel brands to the Frontpage
  • Google Map to Brand subpage with Stations (e.g. Costco, Puma, etc.)
  • Station randomizer to City templates where multiple cheapest Stations are found
  • Link to Brand icons on City template
  • Link to view Brand page on Station template for Google referrals (e.g. show all Caltex stations)
  • Fuel type selector to Brand template
  • Road safety message styling
  • Error notice styling
  • Fuel type dropdown to the Frontpage
  • Real-world example for fuel tank for savings over >$5.00 for 50 litres
  • Friendly formatter for total days in conjunction to weeks (e.g. 3 weeks ago, 21 days)
  • Geolocation for the Frontpage
  • Cheapest and highest stations in a City by default
  • Option to view all Stations
  • Option to filter Stations by Brand on the City template
  • Detailed fuel price delivery date for QLD
  • Tomorrow price styling to WA Cities and Stations
  • Detection of start of new peak pricing cycle to City excerpt
  • Station pricing to QLD
  • DNRME notice to QLD pages
  • Notice on fuel type detail page to jump back to station pricing for supported States
  • QLD to WP-CLI commands
  • QLD actions to Admin actions
  • Stations, Brands and Fuel types integration for QLD


  • Fatal PHP error for Stations without a Brand page URL
  • Duplicate Brand Pages being generated
  • Broken fuel types link
  • Hide PHP notices
  • Check if all cheapest sites have the same pricing and remove top brand
  • Clear the tomorrow price for WA when refreshing today’s price
  • Duplicate FuelWatch site name change notice appearing on City template
  • Styling of breadcrumb spacing on Brand subpage
  • Hide peak pricing information if only a day has passed and there is no change in price


  • Replaced large seconds count with DAY_IN_SECONDS

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