Changes for 19/03

Hi team, we're investigating a price notification issue affecting fuel stations in QLD.

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.

(In short, a [email protected]#$load has changed)


  • Styling to Register form
  • Styling to Login form
  • Region bounds to QLD Districts
  • Styling override for Ezoic floating bottom on Mobile
  • Preferred fuel type to My Account template
  • Manage fuel types to City, Suburb, State templates
  • Combined Unleaded and Diesel fuel types
  • Admin report of Stations without Suburbs
  • Metro Petroleum Station details
  • Switch to Post meta storage over Transient for City, Suburb, Station, State and Brand details
  • Internal “Mark Station as primary” for NSW Stations
  • is_primary and is_duplicate Admin markers to Stations
  • Support for Frontpage user redirect
  • get_suburbs API endpoint
  • geojson for QLD LGA’s
  • Set as frontpage button to page templates
  • Feedback menu item to Pages within Admin
  • Postcode support
  • City screen to the allowed Map list
  • Tabs to all mobile screens
  • Default empty Tab to empty mobile screens
  • page_id to the cities list WP-CLI command
  • “states site_bands” to All Cities WP-CLI command


  • Fuel type history chart not loading from JSON file
  • map_type defaulting to Google for guest site visitors
  • Price band “dot” vertical alignment
  • Replace static Post ID lists with grouped lists (cities, fuel type, state, etc.)
  • Increased chart width on mobile and Desktop
  • 199.9 and 999.9 Stations appearing for NSW Cities/Suburbs
  • Increased price band “dot” on Map marker to 18px
  • Unreporting Stations showing in VIC
  • Reduce database demand for City, Suburb and Station templates
  • Google Maps link for Stations without a Place ID
  • Diesel/Brand Diesel data issue affecting WA Stations


  • Remove mobile pagination from non-Post screens
  • Migrate away from Transients for storing datasets
  • Migrate away from Transients for Station, City and Suburb data
  • Moving styles from Plugin style to Desktop/Mobile Theme style.css
  • Test Fuel Type in the mobile drawer (hidden, issues with select focus on mobile)
  • Moved My Account Admin navigation tabs to mobile header.php
  • Moved price legend to top of Map on Mobile
  • Load NSW dataset from JSON files
  • Load WA, NT, QLD, VIC datasets from JSON files

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