The FuelPrice Report – Sydney – March, 2020

E10, ULP 91, ULP 95 and ULP 98

For the month of March, 2020 all Unleaded fuel types – E10, ULP 91, ULP 95 and ULP 98 – followed similar price trends ending the month with cheaper retail fuel prices.

From 1st March – 16th March, these fuel types had very few retail price changes. They only jumped 1-3 cents in retail price, but on 16th March they all experienced a significant increase in their prices with a steady price increase of 11 cents in only 3 days.

E10, ULP 91, ULP 95 and ULP 98 all experienced their highest retail prices from 19th March – 20th March.

E10 top prices were $1.40 on 19th March and $1.41 on 20th March.

ULP 91 and ULP 95 top prices were $1.41 on 19th March and $1.42 on 20th March.

ULP 98 top prices were from $1,61 on 18th March to  $1.59 on 24th March with the top price being on 20th March with $1.64.

On 24th March the above fuel types had a decrease of 5 cents in one day to 25th March.

From 25th March – 31st March they have all experienced a steady decrease in average retail price with 31st March being the lowest prices listed in the month.

  • Average E10, 31st March is $1.17
  • Average ULP 91, 31st March is $1.20
  • Average ULP 95, 31st March is $1.35
  • Average ULP 98, 31st March is $1.41

According to our data Sydney E10, ULP91, ULP95 and 98 fuel prices experienced a price decrease over an average of 14 days, our recommendation to our E10, ULP 91, ULP 95 and ULP 98 drivers is to closely monitor the daily average retail price towards the end of this retail pricing cycle.

Diesel and Premium Diesel

Diesel fuel types started the month off with having the highest prices in the month of March also ending with cheaper retail fuel prices.

On 1st March the average retail Diesel price was $1.42 and the average Premium Diesel price was $1.45.

From 2nd March Diesel products have had a steady decrease in price during the whole month of March.

The biggest decrease in Diesel retail prices were from 16th March – 19th March where retail prices decreased 3 cents over three days (Diesel $1.37 – $1.34 and Premium Diesel $1.40 to $1.37).

The questions are now;

  • Will this curve follow through in the month of April?
  • When in April will the rapid increase of Diesel retail prices happen?

According to our data, average Diesel retail prices are almost at the lowest point since we started recording average fuel price data on 19th October, 2017. Back then the average Diesel retail price was $1.25 and $1.27 for Premium Diesel.

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