Changes for 04/04

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.


  • Monitoring an additional 57 towns/cities (see our announcement Post)
  • Added support for generating City/town average historical prices using nearby Sites
  • Mobile template support to most screen templates
  • Max bounds for all Mapbox screens
  • Default to show all stations on City template
  • Phone button to top bar for mobile users on Station template
  • Directions button to top bar for mobile users on Station template


  • Fixed broken Sites appearing as cheapest Stations in City template
  • Fixed fuel price charts not showing correctly on mobile
  • Price spread min and max formatting on the Spread widget
  • Removed transition animation from Mapbox screens


  • Map geojson files are now stored as JSON files
  • Highest and lowest price styling to the Spread widget
  • Highest and Lowest price spread titles are now red and green
  • Fuel type buttons are shorter (e.g. ULP 91 is now 91) for mobile users on Station template

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