Letters to the editor from March

Each month we respond to positive and negative feedback collected from the past month. While we did our utmost to take action from each and every individual feedback we’ve received we may have let this monthly Letters to the editor Post slide a bit… so this is a summary since last June!

We rely on this feedback to better this site so please hit the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page where you think we can do better.

Here’s some of the feedback received since June.

What is FuelPrice Australia? – 1. Maybe you could have an example letter of what to write. 2. More info on whom the letter are to. 3. What to expect in response 4. How to follow up? 5. Many of your users (such as myself) would get to this page and think, “Nice idea, i’d like to help, but if i do this the likely place my email will go is into some bureaucrats email bin”

Consider it done! Join the retail fuel price reporting campaign for VIC, SA, TAS and the ACT.

what is the issue with showing fuel prices at Penrith when fuel prices at albion pk are accessible

We’ve added Penrith as a town; it’s visible now!

We know our lack of Suburb support is frustrating and are actively working on reviving it. In the interim visit the nearest town/city in NSW for fuel price trends and nearby fuel station prices.

Fuel prices in Brisbane – I live in north west Qld a long way from Brisbane so its absolutely useless.

We agree. We’ve vastly increased our town/city coverage in Queensland, have a look at nearby towns/cities. We’ll continue added additional towns and as above re-introduce Suburb support as soon as possible.

Palmerston – Get prices

Done. Give it 24 hours for daily average prices and Map price bands to appear in Palmerston, NT.

Fuel prices in Bendigo – Does not have all fuel stations listed e.g. Apco. There are at least 2 Apco fuel stations and they sell for less than the other brands more regularly

Fuel prices in Melbourne – Update every hour or two. 8 hours is too long

Stawell – You could make sure your information is accurate and that the people giving it to you are telling the truth. The information about Stawell Ararat and Horsham in Vic is wildly inaccurate. Ararat in particular is currently $1-59 and has been for some time. Stawell is $1-47 at the Shell and $1-50 at BP. I’m told by the Shell that Horsham are also $1-56, not the $1-47 you claim. I would like an explanation as I am getting so angry at current prices out here in western Vic that I am asking newspapers to investigate it. Your claimed prices for Ararat are 19 cents a litre less than actual prices which have been steady for a while now. The prices I have just quoted you are based on what I have just witnessed this morning and yesterday morning.

Fuel prices in Shepparton – You only show selected service stations, WHY? Is this site run by Caltex and BP? I’ll look for a better site to use.

Victorian retail fuel price coverage is a joke compared to WA, NSW, NT and QLD. We’re showing whatever we can find. Join the retail fuel price reporting campaign for VIC.

Official and accurate retail fuel price data doesn’t exist in Victoria and without it our coverage – and that of other Apps and websites – will continue to suffer until State Government join the other above States by introducing a retail fuel price monitoring scheme.

Join the retail fuel price reporting campaign for VIC.

Fuel prices on the Sunshine Coast – This page is usually helpful but the info is missing today. There is usually a chart here and there’s usually a list of the cheapest and most expensive stations. Hope you can fix it?

Thanks for the heads up! We gave the programmers a little too much rope… and you know the rest.

Fuel prices across Australia – I was looking for a price alert function that would send an e-mail (or other alert) when prices in a particular area drop below an entered price … I can’t seem to find this function for free on any petrol price app or website!!

We’re with you on that one Rhonda. What’s holding us back on releasing this feature is how to define that low price.

Should we decide when a price alert goes out by looking at recent trends or leave it up to you (the user) to lock in a set price limit. Drop a comment below on your thoughts so we can make this happen.

Fuel prices in Queensland – Want Financial year average, can’t find it

Fuel prices in Victoria – require the average fuel price across the last financial year

It’s right here, enjoy! We’ll add support for further date filtering of average prices when able.

Fuel prices in Geraldton – Tomorrow

Fuel prices in Geraldton – What is tomorrows fuel prices for Geraldton. How can I find that?

Puma Guildford – when can I know tomorrow’s fuel prices

Puma Myalup – I want tomorrow’s price

Fuel prices in Western Australia – update

Tomorrow’s prices for WA towns/cities and fuel stations appear every day on FuelPrice Australia from 3:00pm (AWST), the current day’s price then display from 7:00am (AWST).

Average fuel prices in Hobart – To have a list of Fuel stations s and their prices. Considering there are lot less now. Hofm radio station does a very good job in relating fuel prices, but does not happen regularly unfortunately. Bennetts would have to be the most expensive all the time.

Unleaded 91 – Average fuel price in DevonportAccurate tas data

Average fuel prices in Tasmania – Be more accurate with your readings

There is no official retail fuel price coverage for Tasmania. Join the retail fuel price reporting campaign for TAS.

Until the Tasmanian State Government joins WA, NSW, NT and QLD by introducing a retail fuel price monitoring scheme our coverage – and that of other fuel price Apps and websites – will continue to suffer.

(If the Tasmanian State Government wants to dish out another $60,000 to support certain fuel price Apps we’ll happily put our hands up!)

Join the retail fuel price reporting campaign for TAS.

United Petroleum Orange Peisley St. – What r 91 95 and the rest of them mean please

We’ll get that added to the Station templates shortly with simple, clear definitions of each fuel type with links to more information.

Fuel prices in Brisbane – Price for EV

We’ll be investing further into EV datasets as they become available. If you’re an electric vehicle user what is important to you when looking for nearby charge stations? Drop a comment below on your thoughts so we can make this happen.

Fuel prices across Australia – Per gallon, per liter? No info.

Per litre. Litre is the standard measurement unit for fuel products everywhere bar the United States and parts of Latin America.

Fuel prices in Brisbane – I appreciate your efforts, but I find the ‘fuel pricing trends’ section jargon heavy and thus not clear. Are you able to please state in plain language, till what date does the downward trend (in your estimation) continue to, before it starts to climb again? Please consider. Thanks.

Thanks for letting us know where we can do better. We’ve focussed on providing those fuel price trend snippets based on current and fuel prices from the past few days, we don’t yet support short-term future estimates as each State and town/city has its own pricing cycle. In WA, it’s up to a weekly pricing cycle, while here in Brisbane it can be anywhere from 3 to 5 weeks.

When we are confident of being able to reliably provide short-term estimates we’ll get this feature out to everyone. 🙂

Fuel prices in Queensland – Look at fuel watch WA!

Any more breadcrumbs to follow? What do you want to see added from the FuelWatch site for Queensland? Drop a comment and we’ll make it happen.

Suburbs in Western Australia – Country prices

Done. We’ve dramatically increased towns/cities coverage in Western Australia.

Fuel prices in New South Wales – need map

Done. We migrated from Google Maps to Mapbox and maps are back up and running across FuelPrice Australia.

Manage Account – Navigation is pathetic

Manage Account – why am I creating an account that doesn’t seem to do anything?

Mobile users will be seeing the new Material Design layout with slide out drawer menu and focus tabs (e.g. Map, Chart, Prices, etc.) on most screens. The Manage Account screen for logged-in users will be getting more attention this quarter.

Fuel prices in Queensland – I want sunshine coast

We’ve got you covered. Sunshine Coast is right here.

Fuel prices in Western Australia – Not interested in historical stats etc etc. Just want cheapest local fuel.

Jump through to your nearest WA town/city to see your cheapest local fuel.

Diesel – Average fuel price in Adelaide – free fuel

Not sure about free but fuel prices are currently at its lowest since monitoring began here on FuelPrice Australia!

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