Get your State Government to deliver near real-time fuel pricing data

We’re serious about seeing VIC and the ACT State Government deliver near real-time retail fuel pricing data to you; the general public.

This is where you come in.

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Update #2: TAS has joined the near real-time retail fuel price reporting team! Keep up the pressure on VIC and the ACT!

Update #1: SA is joining the near real-time retail fuel price reporting team early 2021! Keep up the pressure on VIC and the ACT.

E-mail subject: Retail fuel price reporting in [state]


As a member of the [state_plural] general public and a motorist, I want to be informed about near real-time retail fuel price reporting as other States already enjoy (Western Australia, New South Wales, Northern Territory and recently Queensland). Retail fuel price reporting is needed now in [state].

WA, NSW, the NT, QLD and TAS collect retail fuel prices to inform members of the general public about fuel pricing trends, whether they live in the city, outer suburbs or regional areas all have easy access to retail fuel prices.

Existing fuel price Apps and websites all lack full coverage of [state_plural] fuel stations in both regional and Metropolitan areas alike and because of this cannot share historical fuel pricing trends with the general public. Further, accurate fuel price forecasting is not possible without detailed historic retail fuel pricing records.

Near real-time retail fuel price reporting is crucial to all [state_plural] motor vehicle users, helping business operators, families, students and retirees who rely on use of a motor vehicle to save money; especially in these harsh times.

In addition to this there are some very innovative Australian start-ups, that are building intelligent Apps and websites on-top of fuel prices that greatly benefit both the general public and small retailers alike, which I feel is now very important given the COVID-19 pandemic and reassessment that fuel stations are now considered a critical business service.

As a [state_plural], I sincerely trust and hope this action of my local Government bring us in line with other States and Territories.

Kind regards


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