South Australia announces retail fuel price reporting trial!

Score one for the good guys! South Australia is joining the near-real time retail fuel price reporting team with a two year trial to commence in spring 2020; so mark September 1 in your calendar South Australians.

This is great news from Attorney-General Vickie Chapman’s office following recent findings delivered by the South Australian Productivity Commission that the presence of real-time pricing data helped motorists make informed choices.

We have very limited fuel price coverage of South Australia as the data simply doesn’t exist in the public domain, with this announcement from the South Australian Government we look forward to providing the same level of fuel price coverage that WA, NSW, NT and QLD currently enjoy.

We’ll reach out to SA State Government this week and put our names on the waiting list of interested fuel price publishers!

If you’re from VIC or the ACT, keep up the pressure by joining our e-mail campaign to deliver near-real time retail fuel price reporting in your State.

Join the campaign.

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