What is FuelPrice Australia?

FuelPrice Australia monitors retail fuel prices across Australia to inform AustralianĀ motorists as fuel prices approach the low of their local pricing cycles.

FuelPrice Australia prefers to present fuel prices from official State Government retail fuel reporting schemes but falls back to public sources as required.

This site has been monitoring the daily retail price of Australia’s retail fuel prices since September 4, 2017.

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Number of monitored fuel stations over time

New fuel stations are being introduced daily.

Goals of FuelPrice Australia

  • [x] Show in clear terms the average daily retail price of Unleaded 91 (ULP 91, RON 91) across Australia
  • [x] Show the average daily price forĀ other common fuel types (e10, PULP, RON 95+, Diesel, Premium Diesel, LPG, etc.) fuel types across Australia
  • [x] Show in clear terms the peak and low of recent retail fuel pricing cycles
  • [Ā  ] Show short-term fuel pricing predictions including confidence of that result
  • [..] Encourage all State Governments to introduce official retail fuel price monitoring platforms
  • [x] Inform Australian motorists as fuel prices approach the historical low of their local ULP pricing cycle
  • [Ā  ] Promote fuel retailers that do not abuse pricing cycles around holidays and major calendar events
  • [x] Support fuel retailers that offer competitively priced fuel products
  • [..] Reduce the number of deaths and serious injuries on Australian roads through education

See our monthly announcement Post for more information on what tasks are planned.

[Ā Ā ] In queue
[..] Happening
[x] Done!

How do we generate indexes of the cheapest and most expensive fuel stations?

FuelPrice Australia fetches fuel station and Australian city averages daily from public sources. Through storing the current fuel price against each known fuel station this website is able to sort through thousands of fuel stations to display clear, conciseĀ recommendations about fuel retailers for each town/city/region/state.

The list of cheapest fuel stations and/or most expensive fuel stations in a given city/region is generated by taking the first 5 stations with the cheapest/most expensive fuel pricing for that day or where possible down to near real-time (within 15 minutes of recorded price changes at the pump). To ensure we don’t bias stations shown we do a further check for other fuel stations with the same price as the 5th station result up to a maximum of 25 stations.

For instance: If the cheapest ULP 91 fuel station in Brisbane has priced ULP 91 at $1.27 then we will display the first 5 stations with the closest pricing. We then do a check of the 5th result which happens to offer ULP 91 at $1.34 and display all other fuel stations offering ULP 91 at $1.34 up to the 25th station.

Where things get interesting if it a town/city have stations all priced closely then we make the exception of only showing the cheapest fuel stations (e.g. a fuel station at $1.58) and push the other stations off the cheapest list (e.g. the other stations priced at $1.66). This doesn’t happen often but can influence fuel station recommendations.

… and that’s a very basic overview of how we generate our listing of cheapest and most expensive fuel stations here on FuelPrice Australia.

Where’s the average daily price for my city/town?

We are adding new towns and cities all the time but it’s a big list! We are currently working through this list by population so bigger regional towns and cities will appear first but we’ll get to you soon.

In the interim your best bet is to try:

  • looking up the closest neighbouring town or city, or
  • enter your city/town in the sidebar search, or
  • open up the Suburbs listing page and filter by your state

What is an inactive/offline fuel station?

We mark a fuel station as inactive or offline and consequently hide it from the City and Suburb templates under the following circumstances:

  • where no fuel price data has ever been assigned to a fuel station
  • where we fail to receive an updated fuel price for 14 consecutive days
  • where a given fuel type is listed at $0.50 or less (under 50c)

This is done to maintain confidence in the fuel prices being displayed and to encourage affected fuel stations to activate and/or restore their price feed.

You can help too! If a marked fuel station is one you frequent let them know they’re missing out.

How you can help

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Urge your State Government to deliver real-time pricing data

It’s 2022 and 7 of the 8 States and Territories are providing at least daily pricing data to help inform the decisions of motorists; VIC is holding out…

Without official data sources there is no quality measure in the listed prices we or other fuel price comparison websites display nor total coverage of all fuel stations.

Where State Government support really shines is their ability to reach out to fuel retailers directly and support them if and when incorrect prices are supplied.

If you’re from VIC reach out to your State Government representatives and urge them to deliver real-time pricing data for your State today.

Join the campaign to introduce near real-time retail fuel price reporting in these States


Minister for Energy

Victorian Government

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  • If something is clearly broken, let us know.
  • If average prices for your town/city or suburb don’t match what you’re seeing, let us know.
  • If you have some wild idea that you’d love to see happen, let us know!

We can and will do better, together. šŸ™‚

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