Changes for 01/06

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.


  • Current price spread view to City and Suburb templates
  • Report Station issues via contact form on Station template
  • Contact form on About page
  • Support for excluding specific Stations from City and State templates (e.g. temporary outage or known pricing issue)
  • Last updated hover state to Fuel types on Station template
  • Last updated detail to Stations on City and Suburb templates
  • Support for Shell Station opening hours
  • Internal support for scanning Postcodes without Stations in QLD
  • Internal support for monitoring Stations without Lat/Long, Postcode, Street details in QLD
  • Internal support for monitoring new price points in QLD
  • Internal support for monitoring Stations without prices in QLD
  • Internal support for monitoring outdated Stations by day, week, fortnight, month and more than a quarter across supported States
  • Internal support for manually removing fuel types from Stations where it is known they no longer stock a fuel type
  • Internal support for monitoring unavailable fuel types in QLD
  • Internal support for viewing raw FPQ API endpoint outputs in QLD
  • Preferred fuel type shown on Station template
  • WP-CLI command to refresh City and Suburb lowest/highest price spreads


  • “Brand Diesel” not showing in WA (Diesel + special sauce?)
    Preferred fuel types not following onto next pages
  • 15 minute pricing update not running in QLD due to unexpired Transients
  • Fallback support for Station address links to Google Maps where a Place ID is known
  • GMT to local timezone issue across multiple supported States (e.g. WA, NSW, NT, QLD, VIC)


  • Using WP_CLI::runcommand for threaded WP-CLI commands (much quicker!)
  • Using wp_options index to massively reduce database CPU usage
  • Increased fuel price refresh for NT Stations
  • Separated internal screens for Admin views on City, Suburb, State, Station and Brand templates
  • Modified tomorrow excerpt for WA where a peak pricing event is occuring the following day
  • City and Suburb templates remember available fuel types (much quicker!)
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