Letters to the editor from April

At the start of each month we respond to positive and negative feedback collected from the past month. We rely on this feedback to better this site so please hit the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page where you think we can do better.

Here’s some of the feedback received in April.

really helpful

Great website!

Keep up the good work

Thanks for your kind words, we are really trying to do our best here.

There is a Townsville Taxi petrol station in Yeatman st Hyde Park. Their price today was $1.39 &.the public can fill up there.

Thanks for lettting us know. If it’s unlisted on our site and other Apps and/or websites reach out to DNRME in QLD so they can confirm they’re onboard.

The 7-11 @beliar advertised as lowest was 3.6cents dearer [email protected] 155.9

Thanks for letting us know, please also let DMIRS in WA know so they can investigate why that Station’s price was different to the advertised price.

Get a price on LPG!!

Our dataset from the NSW Fuel API doesn’t mention any Station’s in Batemans Bay (within 20km) selling LPG. We’ll double check this before reaching out to the api.nsw team.

2 days is a long time in petrol price alerts.

Agreed. We reverted a change last month where some Station’s – Freedom Fuels Caboolture is one – regularly ping the FPQ API without price changes and filtered out these “heart beats”, they’re back now and we encourage more Stations to change from periodic price updates to using this automated “heart beats” approach (i.e. every 15 minutes).

This “heart beat” system helps us to spot fuel pricing issues and warn site visitors of fuel price notification outages.

Real Time Prices please

We are checking for fuel price changes in Victoria every 15 minutes. We can’t call it “real-time” but it’s “near-real time”.

Not your fault. Fault entirely lays at the feet of our imbeciles in government.

Yes this is unfortunately the case for South Australia. As soon as the SA State Government announces an official retail fuel price monitoring platform we’ll integrate it! In the interim let them know:

Navigation is pathetic

Bet you’re fun at parties. Constructive suggestions?

Website message – There are no known petrol stations in Butler, WA offering PULP 95 fuel. Try selecting another fuel type. – Seriously!!! EVERY PETROL STATION IN BUTLER AND ITS SURROUNDING AREAS OFFER PULP !! HELL, THE PILBARA HAS PULP you PHILISTINES. FYI Western Australia has as many fuel types as their Eastern counterparts.

It just wants to give me the cheapest ULP (91) price in the Perth area (being Cannington which is about **85 kms from my house) even though I request the price for PULP – PREMIUM unleaded petrol (95) in 6036. One of the most useless websites I’ve ever used.

Deep breaths. Butler, WA was one of several hundred – out of 14,632 – which last month didn’t have an assigned Latitude and Longitude explaning why no fuel recommendations were available.

Thanks to some hard work the number of Suburbs without a Lat/Long is now less than 100 and we’ll be sharing this updated Suburb dataset back to the data research community.

Phone number is needed

Thanks for letting us know about Killarney Co-op Service Station. We updated the Google Maps listing for their Station too so everyone benefits. 🙂

why am I creating an account that doesn’t seem to do anything?

By logging in you can mark your favourite Cities, Suburbs and Stations. We’ll be adding more member functionality in the coming month.

Drove for 50 minutes to get petrol for 138.9 at Caltex Fuel Stop Kawana Qld and when we got there the pumps were all out of order. Not happy

petrol is approx $1.58 everywhere, in brisbane, except for the BP Toombul Rd Northgate advertized = $1.19. :O 😀 i’m on a pension = limited budget & live in new farm, but drove all the way out there to save $$$ & fill up 😮 arrived & found it was CLOSED with fences surrounding the outside of the property.. & signs saying… “Opening Soon” :/ i wasted what little fuel i had in my tank, driving there & back 🙁 FALSE ADVERTIZING!!!!

We’re sorry we let you down. We rely on fuel price notifications from official data sources, in Queensland this comes from FPQ and unfortunately we did not pick up the “9999” unavailable fuel type in a timely fashion. We have made DNRME aware of this and have provided feedback to better detect closed Stations and temporarily unavailable fuel types.

Your data for this station is significantly off wrt lpg pricing over the past few weeks, AT LEAST! I paid $0.595 last week and it’s NEVER been above $0.80 in the Essendon/Maribyrnong area, not in my reasonably long-term memory!!! That makes this site fairly unreliable/useless for information! Hopefully you can get REAL data soon…. e.g. with real ‘scouts’ local perhaps

Unfortunately without an official retail fuel price monitoring platform in Victoria we are only dealing with scraps. Let your State Government know:

Provide information on fuel prices

We’re still waiting too. The grace period for all QLD fuel retailers to be supplying fuel prices has ended so expect BP Clermont to be supplying fuel prices shortly.

Prices for April 18 (tomorrow)

We show tomorrow’s price for all WA Stations from 5:30pm AEST.

Went to Coles Express Rockhampton North and found that they do not sell Diesel anymore and have not done so for some years.

Thanks for letting us know. We passed this one along to DNRME here in QLD.

Either update and keep it updated or be honest that you do not wish your fuel prices known and delete the site . The frustration of searching to evaluate prices against flying really does not leave a good taste in the mouth . Just imagine what international tourists think . Not good . Not good at all . Update please .

Thanks for letting us know. Mundrabilla, WA is alot bigger than typical Suburbs so we’ve expanded the default radius from 5km to 100km. We’ll double check this change is working before reaching out to the FuelWatch WA team.

BP wills road

Anything more to go by?

update it daily !

We’re still waiting too. The grace period for all QLD fuel retailers to be supplying fuel prices has ended so expect Metro Petroleum Miami to be supplying fuel prices shortly.

Accurate tas data

Unfortunately without an official retail fuel price monitoring platform in Tasmania we are only dealing with scraps. Let your State Government know:

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