Income and Expenses

Hi team, we’ve been spending more time recently attempting to limit operating expenses than developing new features so will temporarily switching off Google Maps integration when the free tier is consumed each month; costs jump to $40+ a day which is unsustainable.

Adsense content helps take the sting out of this cost but it is still a significant ongoing cost for any small business to carry.

Update (12/06): Google Maps integration has been switched off. We’ll switch to alternate mapping tools for the remainder of the month as able.

Update (14/06): Mission accomplished. Let’s get back to building new features!

How we have reduced costs

We’ve deployed a variety of means so far to reduce operating costs including:

  • [x] Minimising our hosting server usage (now a 4 CPU, 12 GB RAM instance)
  • [x] Using Mapbox as our primary mapping solution
  • [x] Using the Google Maps free tier (up to $200 credit before costs are incurred)
  • [x] Restricting access to non-Australian site visitors further extending our Google Maps and Mapbox free tier

How we are going to further reduce costs

Google Maps (Dynamic) is our primary expense in excess of $40 a day.

Here’s how we’ll make those Google Maps free tier credits last longer next month:

  • [x] Apply separate API Keys to different page templates to better understand Google Maps usage
  • [..] Use Google Maps (Static) on the Station template
  • [x] Switch between Google Maps, Mapbox and other mapping tools free tiers during the calendar month
  • [..] Switch to a self-hosted Open Street Maps (OSM) instance, or “community” license for our ongoing mapping needs

If you have any tips or suggestions we’re all ears.

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