Changes for 23/12

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.


  • Options Bloat widget to WP Admin
  • Overview of WP-CLI tasks to WP Admin (scheduled time, time taken, last run)
  • WP-CLI event logging
  • Notice about possible inaccurate prices for non-real time states (ACT, SA, TAS)
  • Maps styling to City template with reduced POI priority
  • State dropdown to Brands template
  • Letter styling for Suburbs template
  • Suburbs list separated by letter to Suburbs template
  • Search button to Search widget
  • IDDQD mode for logged-in Administrators
  • Styling of search result Stations
  • State dropdown to Brands template
  • Postcode, State, Lat and Long to Suburb Admin screen
  • State filtering to Suburbs list
  • WP-CLI task to refresh full list of Suburbs
  • Hourly refresh of QLD and NSW prices updates Last updated notice on City pages
  • Sitewide notice system for downtime/maintenance
  • Notice for Diesel/Premiem Diesel fuel types in some regional towns where corrupt data is being processed
  • CSS class to price colours
  • Body class for single State, Fuel type, Brand, Widget templates
  • Button styling
  • Peak fuel price detail in City excerpt
  • Improved styling for Station map markers with long names
  • Notice and amount of time lapsed for outdated Station price feeds
  • Dot styling to Charts fuel pricing
  • Button styling for desktop and mobile
  • Hourly check for broken site prices in QLD and NSW
  • WP-CLI commands for NSW and QLD hourly station price refresh
  • Hourly refresh of station prices in NSW
  • Styling for CNG and EV fuel types
  • Search widget to Sidebar under site logo
  • Automatic redirection from searches for states, state acronyms, city names and fuel types
  • Display of today/yesterday headers for prices from last day
  • Re-added feedback functionality
  • Small widget template
  • Views monitoring for widgets
  • API endpoints for get_cities, get_fuel_types, get_widget_types
  • Fuel Widget generator
  • Default fuel widget template
  • Graph Bar Embed fuel widget template
  • Styling for Fuel Widget generator
  • Report for QLD stations with broken pricing
  • Transient caching for widget templates
  • Notice for QLD stations with broken prices
  • Redirect to CIty on Frontpage where geolocated (first session visit)
  • FuelWatch data supplier notice for WA users
  • Default widget styling
  • %city% and %fuel_type Tags to Widget title and subtitles
  • Widget credits styling
  • Maintenance screen for scheduled downtime
  • Error screen for unscheduled downtime
  • Embeddable widgets section
  • Styling for embeddable widgets
  • Menu and page styling for the e85 fuel type
  • Support for marking parent ServiceStationID’s where duplicate Stations are found
  • Hourly QLD price check to WP-CLI
  • Corrupt QLD price check report (fuel price less than 80c)
    See %City% fuel prices button for mobile users on Frontpage
  • Fallback support for IP-based geolocation where location is not provided
  • Reporting for Brands without Pages
  • Reporting for Sites with broken/incomplete addresses


  • Memory optimisations to reduce RAM footprint
  • Removed large Options from autoload
  • Replaced get_sites() and get_nearby_sites() with leaner solutions
  • Frontmap map not remember differing fuel type selections
  • Stying of Station title on desktop
  • Frontpage not showing different fuel type prices for Capital and Regional cities/towns
    Cheapest Brands not detecting more than a single cheapest Brand
  • Duplicate Suburb detail appearing in Station addresses
    Duplicate State detail appearing in Station addresses
  • Improved loading times by lazy loading Google Fonts
  • Long Station titles spilling outside of container on Station pages
  • Duplicate Suburb appearing in Station address
  • Y-axis labels not being shown on mobile
  • State name not being shown on Brand pages
  • Hiding corrupt station prices from search results
  • Improved title for Brand pages
  • Improved styling for Maps station markers
  • Hourly refresh causing empty day average pricing for stations in QLD
  • Update historical station graph hourly in QLD.
  • Turn off feedback on the Brand pages (conflicting with title styling)
  • Exclude QLD broken sites from station recommendations
  • Charts zoom not working on mobile
  • Excerpt showing 1 day instead of yesterday
  • Incorrect detection of pricing peak in new pricing cycles
  • Refresh Post modified date on City pages daily
  • Refresh Post modified date on City fuel type pages daily


  • Removed excess JS logging
  • Moved inline styling of prices to CSS class
  • Reduced size of header text on single Station and Brand pages
  • Hide heading on mobile for single City and State pages
    Hide unneccessary labels and hints for mobile users
  • Aligned Station/Brand favicon with header title text
  • Changed Frontpage header to H1
  • Increased space between links in link lists
  • Setting the fuel type on the Frontpage affects Widget links
  • Increased font size on Frontpage for detected Map marker
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