Changes for 04/12

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.


  • Better detection of the start of peak cycles
  • QLD to the list of states with per-Station pricing
  • QLD stations
  • Styling to the fuel price summary for each City
  • Cheapest/highest styling to the price summary for each City during peak/low pricing events
  • Three days ago price to detailed fuel type information for each City
  • Four days ago price to detailed fuel type information for each City
  • Colour styling to nearby station pricing (red is more expensive, green is cheaper)
  • Price information for most expensive fuel brand on City template
  • Price information for cheapest fuel brand on City template
  • Randomizer to cheapest fuel station with same pricing on City template
  • Historical price information to fuel price summary generation
  • e85, CNG and EV as supported fuel types
  • Fuel brands to the Frontpage
  • Google Map to Brand subpage with Stations (e.g. Costco, Puma, etc.)
  • Station randomizer to City templates where multiple cheapest Stations are found
  • Link to Brand icons on City template
  • Link to view Brand page on Station template for Google referrals (e.g. show all Caltex stations)
  • Fuel type selector to Brand template
  • Road safety message styling
  • Error notice styling
  • Fuel type dropdown to the Frontpage
  • Real-world example for fuel tank for savings over >$5.00 for 50 litres
  • Friendly formatter for total days in conjunction to weeks (e.g. 3 weeks ago, 21 days)
  • Geolocation for the Frontpage
  • Cheapest and highest stations in a City by default
  • Option to view all Stations
  • Option to filter Stations by Brand on the City template
  • Detailed fuel price delivery date for QLD
  • Tomorrow price styling to WA Cities and Stations
  • Detection of start of new peak pricing cycle to City excerpt
  • Station pricing to QLD
  • DNRME notice to QLD pages
  • Notice on fuel type detail page to jump back to station pricing for supported States
  • QLD to WP-CLI commands
  • QLD actions to Admin actions
  • Stations, Brands and Fuel types integration for QLD


  • Fatal PHP error for Stations without a Brand page URL
  • Duplicate Brand Pages being generated
  • Broken fuel types link
  • Hide PHP notices
  • Check if all cheapest sites have the same pricing and remove top brand
  • Clear the tomorrow price for WA when refreshing today’s price
  • Duplicate FuelWatch site name change notice appearing on City template
  • Styling of breadcrumb spacing on Brand subpage
  • Hide peak pricing information if only a day has passed and there is no change in price


  • Replaced large seconds count with DAY_IN_SECONDS
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