What’s coming up for January

We’re now monitoring the daily averages of 100 Australian cities, supporting 14,796 suburbs, where possible doing hourly refreshing of prices at 6,467 fuel stations and for WA motorists display tomorrow’s price from 5:30pm.

The stragglers from past months will carry over to this month.

New features

  • [  ] Set the daily average price for towns/cities independantly where local station data is available (e.g. WA, NSW, QLD)
  • [x] Set the tomorrow average price for towns/cities in WA if station pricing data is available
  • [x] Release a free WordPress Plugin to embed local pricing details in WordPress sites using the FuelPrice Australia API
  • [x] Show the average daily fuel price on the State template
  • [  ] Show the average daily fuel price on the Fuel brand template
  • [  ] Finish the Small Detailed Embed and Map Embed Widgets
  • [  ] Add Suburb support to all Widgets
  • [..] Add reporting feature to City and Station templates to raise data issues
  • [  ] Overlay the current average daily price with current per-station prices to see what stations have priced their fuel types above/below regional averages
  • [  ] Add forecasting of tomorrow price and two days from now prices for cities based on known high and low historical prices
  • [  ] Add fuzzy matching for mispelled Suburbs and towns/cities in search
  • [  ] History controls for fuel stations to see last week, last month and all time matching the history controls of fuel types
  • [  ] AMP site support with Google Maps and Charts functionality
  • [..] Build out an API for localised fuel price data
  • [x] Add Progressive Web App support for mobile shortcuts on Android and Apple
  • [  ] Put the website through AppPresser and release to the Google Play and App Store marketplaces
  • [..] Add My Account facilities to manage your vehicle preferences, preferred fuel type and favourite stations and/or regions
  • [x] Voice search
  • [  ] Add site facilites to fuel stations from official sources (e.g. AdBlue availability, etc.)
  • [  ] Add fuel excerpt for Diesel and Premium Diesel fuel types using long-term pricing data (Diesel and Premium Diesel do not have typical weekly/monthly cycles)


  • [  ] Identify and redirect duplicate fuel stations at the same location to the original station that is being maintained
  • [  ] Identify non-crowdfunded data sources for fuel stations in Tasmania, South Australia and the ACT
  • [  ] Improve the fuel price trigger detection linked to the low pricing e-mail notification
  • [..] Populate Google Maps Place ID for thousands of suburbs
  • [..] Populate Google Maps Place ID for thousands of outstanding stations
  • [  ] Validate Station price details by comparing against multiple data sources where possible
  • [  ] Re-introduce road safety messages with new Ad platform showing relevant messages based on known location
  • [x] Better CSS support for 1024×768 Desktop resolutions

Please keep hitting the feedback buttons and leave a comment where you identify problems with pages, feedback is taken seriously and is often actioned on the spot. 🙂

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