What’s coming up for December

We were a little ambitious for October’s goals, and must have been on another planet for last month’s goals so the stragglers will carry over to this month.

New features

  • [  ] Release a free WordPress Plugin to embed local pricing details in WordPress sites using the FuelPrice Australia API
  • [x] Associate all stations with their nearest supported city (e.g. Gull York Roadhouse would be Perth until York is added)
  • [  ] Overlay the current average daily price with current per-station prices to see what stations have priced their fuel types above/below regional averages
  • [x] Add data supplier recognition to stations (e.g. FuelWatch, FuelCheck, MyFuelNT, DNRME, etc.)
  • [  ] Add forecasting of tomorrow price and two days from now prices for cities based on known high and low historical prices
  • [x] Heat map pricing overlay for cities
  • [  ] History controls for fuel stations to see last week, last month and all time matching the history controls of fuel types
  • [  ] AMP site support with Google Maps and Charts functionality
  • [  ] Build out an API for localised fuel price data
  • [  ] Add Progressive Web App support for mobile shortcuts on Android and Apple
  • [  ] Put the website through AppPresser and release to the Google Play and App Store marketplaces
  • [x] Check for hourly fuel price changes in Queensland and supported states
  • [x] Add visual price bands to Cities with detailed Station pricing
  • [  ] Add My Account facilities to manage your vehicle preferences, preferred fuel type and favourite stations and/or regions.


  • [  ] Populate Google Maps Place ID for 2473 outstanding stations
  • [  ] Validate Station price details by comparing against multiple data sources where possible
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