What’s coming up for October

New features

  • [  ] Associating all stations with their nearest supported city (e.g. Gull York Roadhouse would be Perth until York is added)
  • [  ] Overlaying the current average daily price with current per-station prices to see what stations have priced their fuel types above/below regional averages
  • [x] Adding tomorrow price for Western Australia based on known prices as available
  • [x] Adding data supplier recognition to stations (e.g. FuelWatch, FuelCheck, MyFuelNT, etc.)
  • [  ] Adding forecasting of tomorrow price and two days from now prices for cities based on known high and low historical prices
  • [x] Heat map pricing overlay for cities
  • [  ] History controls for fuel stations to see last week, last month and all time matching the history controls of fuel types
  • [x] Fuel price monitoring for another 20 towns/cities across Australia
  • [x] Add Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) as a fuel type where offered
  • [  ] AMP site support with Google Maps and Charts functionality


  • [x] The yesterday price and two days ago price is storing the wrong value which affects the daily fuel type summaries of some states. Additional checks against the fuel type history for each city before and after setting the above price values will resolve this
  • [x] Tide lines on the station fuel history shows 1c above/below actual prices
  • [  ] Populate Google Maps Place ID for 379 outstanding stations


  • [x] Site name change to FuelPrice Australia from FuelWatch Australia (will be announced next week)
  • [x] Removing fuel type acronyms on fuel type lists and replacing with full fuel type name (e.g. ULP 91 becomes Unleaded 91)
  • [x] Show fuel prices in cents where below $1.00 (e.g. 99c instead of $0.99), common for LPG
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