Letters to the editor from January

At the start of each month we respond to positive and negative feedback collected from the past month. We rely on this feedback to better this site so please hit the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page where you think we can do better.

Here’s some of the feedback received in January.

I suggest if you put where is the service station have the lowest price.

Report Normanton’s fuel pricing. The top servo (BP) Normanton’s fuel was an extremely high $1.73/L. Was not expecting such high prices.

We’ve been keeping an eye on Normanton and why fuel stations recommendations aren’t showing and after some investigation it boiled down to the fuel stations not supplying fuel price information.

There are several fuel stations in Normanton that are listed in our database but there are no historical or current fuel prices stored against them, expect to see these fuel stations listed on our site when their fuel price reported commences before the 1 March, 2019 Queensland legislation deadline.

Helped find the cheapest nearest to me

Mission accomplished!

Negative: EVERYTHING about Costco Marsden Park

Everything? A little more information would go a long way here. What can we do better? Let us know.

Myrtleford has three petrol stations. You have it listed as none. We have two Caltex and a Shell. Currently charging about 20c per litre more than neighbouring towns. We need this information in these price check pages.

provide fuel prices for Sale

This has been fixed as of 14/01, there was an issue in our hourly checking of fuel stations for Suburbs. The Suburb fuel price view has been under active development since the beginning of January so issues like this are expected, thanks for letting us know so we could get it sorted!

No petroleum stations in Huonville??? We have 2!!!

There is no official daily or real-time retail fuel data source in Tasmania which is why we are currently unable to display fuel stations in Tasmania or per-Suburb pricing in this State. We are always on the eye out for better sources and are reaching out to other data providers to improve this.

I am looking for woolworths caltex fuel prices for the spearwood, south fremantle areas. I normally have this emailed to me every day, but have not had one today, so I am trying to find out the prices, so far NO LUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

We’ll be adding fuel brand filtering to the City and Suburb templates in the coming month and when that’s ready looking at how we can provide daily/weekly/monthly notifications filtered by brand and region to motorists.

Opening hours ?

Great suggestion! It’s on our todo list, to get the opening hours associated with fuel stations we can use the Google Places API, the catch is that this Google service is billable so we just need to be careful with how much data we fetch from this service per month (e.g. 500 stations per month) as doing it at once could very easily lead to a big Google Cloud API bill; right now we are monitoring 6,477 fuel stations.

Was looking for the AdBlue price.

Great suggestion! We’ve located a data source from BP that we can use to allow filtering by AdBlue availability at the pump and will reach out to the BP Sales team to see if they can provide pricing data to support this.

what servo is cheapest !

There’s a banner notice at the top of all historical fuel prices pages (e.g. Diesel prices in Townsville), we’ve added one to the bottom too which includes a jump link back to the summary city page that shows the cheapest and most expensive fuel stations.

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