Voice Search comes to FuelPrice Australia

You can now do fuel price searches using the microphone on your computer or Android/iOS mobile phone.

We’ll be improving the automatic redirection with time, currently the following search terms are supported:

  • City names (e.g. Brisbane, Cairns, Newcastle)
  • Station names (e.g. Puma Gladstone Depot)
  • Suburb names (e.g. Mooloolaba, Fairfield)
  • Postcodes (e.g. 4558, 4103)
  • States (e.g. Queensland, New South Wales, QLD, NSW)
  • Fuel types (e.g. 91, 98, e10, LPG)
  • Brands (e.g. Puma, FuelXpress)

For Desktop/laptop site visitors: Just click the microphone icon within the sidebar search widget and after allowing permission to use the microphone start speaking.

For mobile phone users (Android/iOS): Click the hamburger pull-down menu from the top-left corner of the screen then click the microphone icon. After allowing permission to use the microphone start speaking.

Gallery for mobile site visitors

(The microphone uses the techonology on your computer/mobile phone to convert speech to text and is only active for the moments after clicking the microphone icon with the connection terminating after each search)

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