Unleaded 91 – Average fuel price in Perth

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Today's average fuel price for ULP 91 in Perth is $1.35 per litre.

You'd be saving around $9.00 if you were to pump 50 litres of Standard unleaded petrol (ULP 91) today compared to the last peak back on 12 November.

The peak of the last pricing cycle 1 week ago (7 days ago) on a Tuesday reached $1.53 per litre; 18 cents more per litre than today's current price of $1.35.

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Fuel price movement last month: $1.32 to $1.55

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Historical data

  • Price today: $1.35
  • Price yesterday: $1.35
  • Price two days ago: $1.39
  • Price three days ago: $1.41
  • Price four days ago: $1.44
  • Last cycle low price: -

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Average retail fuel prices update daily.

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