Premium Diesel – Average fuel price in Hobart

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Hobart, here's the problem. TAS has no real-time or even daily fuel station pricing data which means you're missing out. You can change this. Join the campaign now »

Today's average fuel price for Premium diesel in Hobart is $1.36 per litre with prices holding.

Premium diesel in Hobart does not have a typical fuel pricing cycle. We're working on it.

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Average fuel price movement last month: $1.36 to $1.37

While we do our best to show correct average daily pricing details for Hobart since no real-time station pricing is available in Tasmania figures may from time to time be inaccurate.

Historical data

  • Price today: $1.36
  • Price yesterday: $1.36
  • Price two days ago: $1.36
  • Price three days ago: $1.36
  • Price four days ago: $1.36
  • Last cycle low price: -

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Average retail fuel prices update daily.

Excerpt last updated: 1 day ago
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