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You are seeing all 352 known fuel stations within 15 kilometers of Brisbane offering Premium Unleaded 98.

Today's average fuel price for UPULP (ULP 98) in Brisbane is $1.99 per litre with prices holding.

You'd be saving around $12.00 if you were to pump 50 litres of Ultra premium unleaded petrol - UPULP - ULP 98 today compared to the last peak back on 23 February.

The peak of the last pricing cycle 1 month ago (38 days ago) on a Thursday reached $2.23 per litre; 24 cents more per litre than today's current price of $1.99.

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Average fuel price movement last month: $1.98 to $2.17

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Brisbane PULP 98 overview

We are actively working towards displaying near real-time fuel pricing for Brisbane and other QLD towns and cities. In the interim price changes refresh every 15 minutes.

  • Lowest price: 184.9
  • Highest price: 211.7
  • Average price: $1.99

All PULP 98 fuel stations in Brisbane

There are 352 known petrol stations near Brisbane offering PULP 98.

Is a Brisbane fuel station missing from the above list? If you see a pricing issue or unlisted Station let EPW know about it.

EPW's fuel price reporting scheme enables us to help Queensland motorists to compare fuel prices in their local area, find the cheapest price and save money at the bowser. Nice one! 🙂

Total stations: 352

Inactive / offline fuel stations near Brisbane

There are currently no petrol stations near Brisbane marked as either inactive or offline.

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Average retail fuel prices update daily.

Brisbane’s fuel pricing trends

Brisbane typically has a 23 day pricing cycle for petrol products (ULP 91, PULP 95, PULP 98 and e10). There is a variance of up to a fortnight in the length of pricing cycles for the above fuel products.

Brisbane’s fuel pricing cycles for the above petrol product are subject to irregular cycles exhibiting abrupt peaks and/or prolonged periods of downward trending pricing outside of the typical pricing cycle.

Fuel products such as diesel and LPG are not affected by pricing cycles.

Excerpt last updated: 9 hours ago
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