Letters to the editor from May

Each month we respond to positive and negative feedback collected from the past month. We rely on this feedback to better this site so please hit the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page where you think we can do better.

Here’s some of the feedback received in May.

Echuca: Can’t find any petrol prices in Echuca. Not happy and want 95. Can’t even get that not happy.

Thanks for letting us know. Fuel price monitoring at Echuca has been fixed. Hope that helps 🙂

very helpful THK U kindly.

Costco North Lakes: Just very helpful this page!

United Cairns North: Excellent site. Very helpful to show that other stations are cheaper than Coles Express and Woolworths with there 4 cents off rubbish con job.

You’re very welcome!

Chinchilla: Hiding something not to do it like always.

Thanks for letting us know. We are working on refresh issues affecting some Suburbs.

Metro Petroleum Tarro: Information over a month old.

Thanks for letting us know. We’re onto it.

Puma Myalup: I want tomorrow’s price at Puma Myalup.

Tomorrow’s price at all WA Stations is visible from 3:00pm AWST.

Camooweal: Supply a price in Camooweal.

Thanks for letting us know. We’re onto it.

Today I see that petrol price in Sydney is almost 20 cents per litre more than in Adelaide, and about 10 cents more than in Canberra, however, the latter 2 cities probably have greater freight costs to get the fuel than Sydney does.

There seems to be no-one or no organisation capable of exposing the cartel behaviour of petrol companies.

Could you please put on your website methods how consumers (or Fuel Price Australia) can help to prevent this non-competitive behaviour. Thanks

Thanks for asking. We’ll reach out to several related organisations to see what materials they can provide us.

Could you please talk to the media, and ask them to investigate how service stations in Mildura, Burnie, Wangaratta are able to sell petrol much cheaper than large capital cities.

Also, could you put on your website a section which indicate the freight cost of getting a litre of fuel from bulk storage point in each State to regional cities.

Thanks for asking. Happy to ask around! Is there a public dataset that lists the freight cost of getting a litre of fuel from bulk storage points to regional cities?

Coles Express Loganlea: Coles Express Loganlea is not on your list

United Loganlea: United Loganlea/Meadowbrook is not on your list.

We show the cheapest and most expensive in each City and Suburb. Until recently we also showed a Map displaying only cheap Stations, it’s likely the above Stations weren’t shown in Brisbane as they were not the cheapest Stations at that time.

Bamaga: Put in the price at Bamaga.

Thanks for letting us know. We’re on it.

great, I assume I can select grade of fuel

You can currently add your favourite City, Suburb and Station. Fuel grade is next on the list.

I request that there should not be fuel pricing cycles as there is no valid reason for them to exist. A genuine supply/demand pricing should prevail on a consistent basis with fairness to all sides of the equation.

Reach out to your local Government and let them know your thoughts.

Ultra Petroleum Mogo: Opening hours.

Caltex/Woolworths Urangan (Hervey Bay): Opening times

Vibe Port Kennedy: Hi, It would be good to have the trading hours for the stations as well

We’re working on it. Wherever possible we’re automating the population of Station details (including opening hours, fuel types, services and facilities, etc.) as they change over time.

We’ll reach out to Vibe Petroleum and see if they can provide us an up-to-date listing of Station details including facilities as we’ve started doing for several other Brands.

Liberty Grange Auto Care: Be up to date not two days old.

Wessel Petroleum Cooroy: Get today’s prices, not ones that are 2 weeks old.

Rochedale South: What good is a 18 hour fuel price? It’s the year 2019. These prices should be updated daily.

Here’s the thing, the listed price is correct, it’s just two days old; or 2 weeks old. We’d love to see Queensland fuel stations making daily price notifications but it’ll take time, especially where the fuel price reporting is not automated.

If you’re next at the above Stations ask if they’d consider making daily price notifications, even if that means simply confirming their current pricing. 🙂

Marla: Not helpful.

Agreed. We’ve populated all of the Suburbs in Australia assuming that official fuel prices are – or will be soon – available in all Australian States.

As soon as the SA State Government announces an official retail fuel price monitoring platform we’ll integrate it! In the interim let them know how unhelpful this situation is:

7-Eleven Cockburn Central: Diesel at 7-Eleven Cockburn Central.

Thanks for letting us know. We didn’t know there were separate Diesel fuel types; “Diesel” and “Brand Diesel”, “Premium Diesel” is different again. We’ve added support for “Brand Diesel” and 7-Eleven Cockburn Central and other Stations in WA offering “Brand Diesel” is now showing diesel prices.

Say cheap Tuesdays for pensioners trial? Permanently get 2c -4c off unleaded petrol for pensioners who are mostly NOT well off and struggle to undertake only short trips. Medical appointments are high in number in this age group! Thankyou

Reach out to your local Government and let them know your thoughts.

Newcastle: Lies

How so? Let us know in the comments.

United Taylors Lakes: Prices are wrong.

Unfortunately without an official retail fuel price monitoring platform in Victoria we are only dealing with scraps. Let your State Government know:

Onslow: Cost of diesel in onslow.

Thanks for letting us know. We’re on it.

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