Letters to the editor from March

We’re a little late with this month’s Letters to the editor so thanks for your patience.

Typically, at the start of each month we respond to positive and negative feedback collected from the past month. We rely on this feedback to better this site so please hit the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page where you think we can do better.

Here’s some of the feedback received in March.


very handy product , thanks

many thanks for the update


Thanks team! We’ll keep making it more handy, don’t think we haven’t run out of things to do!

Left hay realised need fuel. Checked to see if one on way decided back to be safe.

Smart move. There’s a few areas we are looking at to improve the experience for regional users, in the near future we’ll be:

  • Suggesting nearby Suburbs and towns/cities where no Stations are found in a given regional Suburb
  • Increasing the default search radius for regional Suburbs where no Stations are found


We’re still waiting too. The grace period for all QLD fuel retailers to be supplying fuel prices ended today so expect Metro Petroleum Miami to be supplying fuel prices shortly.

Why has diesel prices soared when aussie $still north of 70cents & barrel crude still less than $60. little has changed for many months. Sounds like a huge rip off by fuel companies

Ping your local Government and motorist groups with this question as they’ll know folks who’s bread and butter it is to understand this topic.

Show results for biodiesel.

Great suggestion. We don’t treat bio-fuels any different to traditional fuel types. If the price and availability of biodiesel and other bio-fuels is included in official sources we’ll display it.

This is an area our team are passionate about and will go digging for additional data sources to make this happen. Thanks for letting us know.

keep the updates updated

No prices for diesel

Update prices every hour

Give direct price of fuel

Real time prices

Diesel fuel prices

Supply where E85 petrol is in wagga and it’s price

Be more accurate with your readings

In States that do not have official data sources – VIC, SA, TAS, ACT – we cannot provide accurate or real time prices. Urge your local Government to lift their game.

In States that do have official data sources – WA, NSW, NT, QLD – we rely on Stations submitting data and price changes being made available to data publishers (like us), this process on our end is automated and this is the same for the majority of Stations but for some regional and/or smaller Stations reporting price changes be a manual task or done on a infrequent basis.

We do our utmost to spot Stations with obvious errors and filter them out of City, Suburb, Brand and Station results but it is a game of cat and mouse with new scenario’s appearing each day, some common examples include:

  • Stations inadvertently ULP 91 at 12.2 cents; it should be 122.0
  • Stations undergoing maintenance and not correctly notifying data publishers
  • Stations changing name and Brand

Harder scenario’s we have recently identified include:

  • Stations not being correctly marked as permanently closed
  • Stations not correctly marking fuel types as permanently unavailable
  • Stations submitting price notifications every 15 minutes but not changing their price (e.g. akin to a “heart beat”)
  • Stations that we assume to be submitting “heart beats” temporarily or no longer submitting price notifications

Keep letting us know of any issues or changes via the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page where you think we can do better.

Please delete this fuel price app I no longer want to use this app


If you’re a mobile user and installed our App shortcut you can simply open the App drawer on your mobile phone and hold down your finger on the FuelPrice Australia App then select Delete/Remove/Uninstall.


Yes indeed.

Page states Hervey Bay diesal $145-155 making the average price $1.11? That doesn’t make sense

Our daily average for regional towns/cities has its good and bad days, diesel for Hervey Bay is one identified as having more bad than good. Our solution here is to use another solution and apply it to all towns/cities in States with official data sources. We hope to have this new solution visible in early April if not earlier.

Hi, I was wondering if there’s some way to show data by brand, by state, by product? For instance, if I use the QLD gov data I can see the avg price 7-Eleven sold diesel at, and compare it to the avg price Puma sold at.

We’ll be adding daily average pricing to the Brands templates with the goal of supporting historical comparisons between Brands.

I just went to the Caltex at Mt Warren Park, and it was a $1.21 for E10 not 91.

A UL91 price at Caltex at Tarcutta on the Hume Highway was what I was Looking for. Thanks

Thanks for letting us know.

In cases of incorrect fuel pricing you should also make the official data source aware; Caltex Mt Warren Park would be Fair Trading NSW.

We’ll be checking out why Caltex Tarcutta is not listed and reach out to the official data source to ensure we’re all on the same page.

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