Changes for 08/02

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.


  • Styling for price band filtering on City template
  • Offline dot image to Suburb template
  • AJAX notice prompt to “Fuel near me” responses
  • Framework for Table Embed widget
  • CSS styling for Custom Google Search
  • CSS styling for Subscribe widget on Announcements section
  • CSS styling on Filter button within Brand template
  • Station filter for identifying Stations without any prices
  • Conditional for WA and ACT City excerpt additions (e.g. start of new pricing cycles in WA, long-price cycles in ACT)
  • Automatic redirect for Stations from Search widget
  • Additional fuel types (91, 95, 98) to automatic redirect from Search widget
  • Station prices to Brands template when a fuel type is selected
  • Total views to City template
  • Fatal PHP error to 500 screen when logged in as Admin
  • Show inactive stations on Suburb template
  • Weekly refresh of QLD station names and brands
  • Error notice for stations with no data at all after a fortnight
  • Notice to Suburb template for Victoria site visitors
  • Fuel price heat mapping to the Frontpage
  • Graph to the QLD reporting page within My Account
  • Styling for Table Embed
  • Styling for leading priced brand notice now with Brand favicon
  • Styling for price band filtering options on City template
  • Action to refresh lowest/highest sites on the City template
  • Action to refresh national fuel station count
  • Monitoring for time taken refreshing data from public sources
  • Admin dashboard monitor for each State regarding uptime
  • Minimum height rules to Graph and Table Embeds
  • Price band filtering options to the City template when viewing all stations
  • Graph to QLD reports showing stations without fuel prices
  • Layout field to iframe generator for Table Embed
  • Graph to About page listing number of monitored fuel stations
  • Google Analytics tracking to Embeds
  • Styling for Table Embed list layout
  • Admin action to remove Publicize Post meta on Posts


  • Improved site search widget visibility for mobile users
  • Missing min/max values from State averages chart
  • Refresh of cheapest stations in Table Embed
  • Deprecated use of WP_CLI::line for log
  • Redirect Archives template to Frontpage
  • Indication of number of stations in a City with few fuel stations
  • Redirect /login/ to My Account for logged-in Users
  • Redirect completed Register screen to My Account
  • Hide developer mode notice to non-logged in Users
  • Last updated detail not refreshing for NSW Stations
  • Fuel excerpt triggering high price event after stalling more than 15 days into a price cycle
  • Replaced geolocation for “Fuel near me” from to


  • Moved State WP-CLI commands into separate files
  • Moved embed files into separate template files
  • Hide most expensive stations if none found on Suburb template
  • Removed curveType filter from Google Charts (thanks /r/brisbane)
  • Removed regional cities Widget from sidebar (thanks /r/brisbane)
  • Shifted the clock forward an hour for scheduled refreshing of daily City prices
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