ACT State Government resisting calls for fuel price monitoring

The ACT government is resisting calls to introduce a scheme that provides regular information on the movement of petrol prices, instead encouraging motorists to use independent websites that track prices.

Govt encourages drivers to use independent sites for petrol price info – Canberra Times

All Australian retail fuel monitoring Apps/websites (including us) rely on correct known prices to accurately inform motorists, without an official data source maintained by the ACT State Government we cannot guarantee the quality of displayed prices.

If you’re from the ACT reach out to your State Government representatives and urge them to join the party.

State’s with official data sources

  • [x] New South Wales
  • [  ] Victoria
  • [x] Queensland
  • [x] Western Australia
  • [  ] South Australia
  • [  ] Tasmania
  • [  ] Australian Capital Territory
  • [x] Northern Territory
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