Letters to the editor from December

At the start of each month we will be responding to positive and feedback collected from the past month. We rely on this feedback to better this site so please hit the feedback buttons at the bottom of each page where you think we can do better.

Here’s some of the feedback received in December.

You could make sure your information is accurate and that the people giving it to you are telling the truth. The information about Stawell Ararat and Horsham in Vic is wildly inaccurate. Ararat in particular is currently $1-59 and has been for some time. Stawell is $1-47 at the Shell and $1-50 at BP. I’m told by the Shell that Horsham are also $1-56, not the $1-47 you claim. […] I am getting so angry at current prices out here in western Vic that I am asking newspapers to investigate it. Your claimed prices for Ararat are 19 cents a litre less than actual prices which have been steady for a while now. The prices I have just quoted you are based on what I have just witnessed this morning and yesterday morning. Today is 29/1/2018.

There is no official daily or real-time retail fuel data source in Victoria which means we are using other public non-official sources which as you’ve guessed it aren’t always accurate. We are always on the eye out for better sources and will be reaching out to data providers to improve this.

Please see the links on the About page for how to contact your State Government, urge them to introduce a public fuel reporting system like other States including WA, NT, NSW and as of this year QLD.

“Last updated: 1 week ago” Information is not current.

This has been resolved in a recent site update, we show “Today’s pricing at …” if the latest prices are from the current day, if we do not have today’s prices or they are unavailable we display “Yesterday’s pricing at …” and outside that period then do not display the current pricing.

Good stop fuel and rest

We’ll be exploring how we can integrate Google Maps Place reviews into our Station template as good fuel stations deserve all the feedback they can get! In the interim click the Station address at the top of the page to open it in Google Maps or do a Google search for that Station and let them know! 🙂

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