Changes for 22/10

Here’s a summary of changes since the last change announcement to FuelPrice Australia.


  • Suggestion check to Station pages where ULP 91 or ULP 95 is not available
  • Fuel type dropdown to fuel type template
  • More details about last peak to excerpt
  • Styling for Brand pages
  • Text to the Brand templates
  • Brand pages
  • Styling for Brand pages
  • Show all cities regardless of whether price is known
  • Show multiple highest and lowest City values
  • City excerpt high price details


  • Lowest fuel price not working for e10
  • Lst updated showing the last fuel type sometimes for Stations
  • Highest and lowest Stations showing on detailed City and state templates


  • Changed acronym for ULP 91 to Unleaded 91
  • Hide trend icon until new version with peak indicator is ready
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