Average fuel prices in Canberra

Canberra, here's the problem. The ACT has no real-time or even daily fuel station pricing data which means you're missing out. You can change this. Join the campaign now »

We currently have no average fuel pricing data for EV Charge in Canberra. We're working on it.

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There is no fuel history for the past month here in Canberra.

While we do our best to show correct average daily pricing details for Canberra since no real-time station pricing is available for the ACT figures may from time to time be inaccurate.

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Average retail fuel prices update daily.

Canberra’s fuel pricing trends

Canberra does not have a consistent pricing cycle for petrol or diesel fuel products.

Canberra’s fuel pricing¬†while not showing a consistent pricing cycle does exhibit periods of steady mid-to-peak pricing (up to 10 cents in variance) lasting up to 10-12 weeks for petrol and diesel fuel products (ULP 91, PULP 95, PULP 98 and diesel ) before resuming inconsistent daily pricing (up to 30 cent changes between peak/low pricing per day) until the next period of steady mid-to-peak pricing.

LPG fuel products are not affected by pricing cycles.

Excerpt last updated: 22 mins ago
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